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Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership Meetings: 1966


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Senator Dirksen * Representative Ford
September 21-22, 1966

Senate Minority Leader Everett McKinley Dirksen
House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford, Jr.
President Lyndon B. Johnson
President John F. Kennedy


Audio Index

The audio tape of this Republican Congressional Leadership press conference came to The Dirksen Center from the National Archives (Accession 228) in 1985. This index was added to the Republican Congressional Leadership file of the Dirksen Papers in 1996.

One Hundred and Thirty-second Meeting of the Joint Republican Congressional Leaders Called for Wednesday, September 21, 1966, at 3:30 p.m. in the Capitol Office (S-230) of the Senate Minority Leader, the Honorable Everett McKinley Dirksen

Time: 5:13

(PDF File)

Statement by Representative GRF [Pages 1-3]

CONTENT: GRF on affording automatic-Democratic Congress and the rubber stamp. Johnson-Humphrey Administration. Reducing foreign aid, anti-poverty expansion, repeal of the right to work, and rent subsidies.

Time: 3:09

(PDF File)

Statement by Senator EMD [Pages 3-5]

CONTENT: EMD on affording automatic-Democratic Congress. Voting on the Civil Rights bill and the Johnson-Humphrey Administration.

Time: 16:19

(PDF File)

Question and Answer Segment [Pages 5-14]


  • Republicans favoring some kind of Civil Rights bill.

  • Republicans in Congress supporting the Administration's actions in Vietnam.

  • Democratic split prolonging the war in Vietnam.

  • Appointment of Nick Katzenbach to the State Department and change in policy issues.

  • Less militant new Attorney General.

  • Price increases and the Federal Government.

  • Interest rates and Administration's effective anti-inflation method.

  • National organization and EMD's involvement.

  • Split in Democratic Party prolonging the war.

  • Assessment of Mr. Nixon's travelings on behalf of the Party.

  • The name "Goldwater."

  • Office of Education trying to rewrite textbooks of the country.

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